Clear tests but more issues! Now what!?

Hi giys

had sumptoms since december

started with lhermittes, then tingling hand, burning feet, then tight muscles in legs with pains in legs and arms

had mri in jan brain and cervical another one then in April, both clear, two seperate neuros with neuro exams both normal other than lhermittes

lumbar luncture last week that was clear too for everything, had the results yesterday, started feeling great as although most issues are still there, I was hoping it was caused by disc issues

then woke up and within an hour one side of my face has a stinging burning sensation on the cheek and over to my nose

spinal problems can’t causethat I know! But now where do I go! There’s so many issues going on and I don’t know what to do with clear exams I have no idea what’s causing All this, I’m terrified by the ammount of problems I have in only four months of issues

Hi Kris,

Did you get discharged, or have they said they want to keep you under review and see you again in X number of months?

Each negative test does make it less likely that you would eventually be diagnosed with MS, and I think you have to try to take that as encouraging. However, I accept it does not rule out MS altogether, and occasionally, in the early stages, it does not reveal itself in tests.

I think it’s important to keep your GP or neuro apprised of any new symptoms - were you given any instructions what to do if that happened? Usually they say they want to hear from you.

Sometimes a new symptom can mean it’s worth bringing forward a repeat MRI, in case anything is now visible. If not, they usually leave it at least six months - or until the emergence of new symptoms - to look again.


Hi Kris

Even face tingling etc can be caused by anxiety . My mum sometimes gets it and she doesn’t have Ms . You have had a lot of testing , so I’d not this and revisit in a few months if still present ?

Kat x

Hi thanks Tina

ivr got another review in a month

ive only recently had new MRIs had one yesterday of spine and I had brain in April so they won’t do anything yet

thanks Kat I know it should all be good and I was feeling great yesterday intil this started and now I feel terrible

I keep reasing too how it’s often early on in the process that scans etc are clear and I have only had issues for four months but I’ve had so many issues it’s scaring me

Hi Kris,

You are anxious and it is obvious that this is consuming you every waking breath. I would suggest a short course of something to calm you down. Also try a course of mindfullness meditation - it really can work wonders to get your mind away from the MS thoughts and back on track.

Moyna xxx

Hi moyna

I’m on anti anxiety meds now and was feeling a lot befter yesterday and this morning until all this started

m going away for a week today where there’s little wifi so maybe that’ll help, it would’ve until this dtarted anyway