More food nonsense


I’m fed up of fast food adverts and I’m fed up of TV chefs telling us how easy it is to be super great in the kitchen.

Here are my thoughts.


Nice one Steve. There’s a ‘15 minute’ recipe from that well known TV chef, that involves taking tenderstem broccoli and making it as thin as you can imagine, chop up fresh herbs, anchovy, chilli and garlic, grate some Parmesan, cook some pasta, and just ‘throw it all together’. It takes me about an hour to do the preparation (after all the ingredients, chopping board, bowls etc have been delivered to the only place I can sit in a wheelchair and do the prep). Then it takes my OH about half an hour to do the rest of the dinner. Including boiling the water in a saucepan and cooking the pasta. Which takes at least 10 minutes to heat the water and another 11ish to cook the pasta.

It tastes bloody lovely, but 15 minute meal it is not. Even were I able bodied it would take well over an hour. And I’m reasonably handy in the kitchen.



And this is why I watch neflix and recordings, so I can hit FF through the awful adverts!

Lay off the natural skinny minnies tho - I was one of those once (and I miss her like mad now I can’t exercise) lol

Sonia x

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I miss my skinny body too. It’s very sad. I gave away some of my favourite clothes last year. I know a size 10/12 will never happen again.



Cooking & culinary skills seem less important these days. Getting the right things in our bodies seems to be working better. It’s the bordem that makes people eat too much junk & become overweight. Getting as active as possible makes me enjoy food more. It’s a reward. Eating to much, with no exercise, is only going one way.

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