Hi Has anyone used Modafinil to help if you have PPMS with good resuits? Peter

Hi Peter Just started on Modafinil last Tuesday . Neuro prescribed it for fatigue . I think slight improvement, but early days. I’ll let you know !

I have been on modafinil for 5 years and it does wonders for my fatigue. If I take it after 4pm, I have a hard time falling asleep.

Hi everyone this is the first post I’ve done on this site, I’m not sure what type of ms I have as I’ve not have a relapse since my original attack back in Dec 2010 but do get some symptoms although mild. My main problem is the extreme exhaustion and fatigue it seems to come on gradually then wham it hits me,I have to rest in between getting washed dressed etc and is much worse in the mornings.

This post caught my eye as I shall be starting Modafinil after my next test at hospital which is a sythacthen test to check whether my adrenal glands are working correctly if they are then I’ll be trying Modafinil as I so hope it gives me some energy, I think I get these attacks every 3 months or so.

I was diagnosied whilst I was in hospital which my first attack by having a lumbar puncture, my attack affected my r leg r arm coordination luckly everything went back normal, but I do get swaying feeling a few weeks at a time although I havnt fell over yet but it seems when I get the exhaustion I don’t get any symptoms , but it is difficult as I am in the menopause too im 48 and gave up work due to the exhaustion and fatigue.

Im so glad this drug works for some of you as it gives me some hope. Thanks x


Hi Smokey

Welcome to the forum, lots of lovely friendly people here, always willing to listen if you need to rant, and offer advice when they can.

Ms, as you probably know, is totally unpredictable and can affect us differently, even though we have lots of the same or similar symptoms.

I have ppms for yonks now, and given time you will become your own expert and understand your ms better. The extreme fatigue is rotten, and my advice would be to listen to your body, rest as much as you can, and take one day at a time, it will get easier.

Wishing you all the best, and hoping the medication works for you, come back and let us know how it goes. You can always start a new thread (found at the top of the page) as it may get missed being on the end of an older post.

Look forward to seeing you on the forum again.

Pam x

Thanks for the reply Pam,

Its just nice to be able to talk to someone that understands, thanks so much x

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I tried Modafinil 2x 100mg per day and it works for me against fatigue. But I do not take it every day.

My aim is to improve walking through better concentration to the steps.

I heard that it is possible to snuff the powder through the nose to improve effect.

  • Anybody has done this?


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I have been taking modafanil since I was diagnosed it helps me but it’s not full proof I still get days where my fatigue is so bad I can’t get up but on the hole it’s good I take mines in the morning and keeps me going

I was taking modafinil for several years but on my last visit to my consultant I told him, I didn’t think it was doing anything. He said well, just stop taking it and see. Well I did in March, and thought fine, I am right. However over the last few weeks have suffered real bad fatigue and even gone sick from my part-time job. Have been so desperate that I have just today started back on the modafinil, hoping that it helps with the fatigue!