Modafinil - help please !

Started modafinil 100 mg yesterday 9 am. Went to bed at 10.30 pm. Slept till 2.00 am. Wide awake, listening to radio, till I got up at 7.00. I"ve taken another tablet this morning at 7.30. Does anyone know if the insomnia side effect will disappear when I get used to this drug and, if so, how long will it take ? John H


take half of a tablet and see how that goes

I think John is only taking half a tablet already. Could you go down to a quarter? I get insomnia from Fampyra (which is another neuro enhancer) but I am usually OK as long as I take Clonazepam before bed - which is prescribed to stop the muscle spasms that used to disturb my sleep. It is also a sleeping pill. Unfortunately some people do get sleep disturbance on neuro enhancers. I don’t know if the effect lessens over time. Anyone got experience of this?