Modafinil side effects

Hi I’m thinking of speaking to my doctor about Modafinil,as I’ve noticed fatigue has become more of an issue recently. I was just wondering if anyone has found that it affects their sleep at night. I’d love to be a bit more alert during the day, but don’t particularly fancy being more alert at night as well. Thanks Dan

he_funk wrote:

I was just wondering if anyone has found that it affects their sleep at night. Dan

Only when I accidentally take my morning tablets at night [as i did one day last week]. I think the initial prescription has to come from your neurologist. Liz

My MS nurse told me last week that they are no longer allowed to prescribe modafinil unless the patient is already on it.

If you are lucky enough to get it, I recommend taking 100mg in the morning and 100mg in the early afternoon. (10am and 3pm for me.) Exact timings might need some fine-tuning because we’re all different.

I’ve actually slept better since taking modafinil - more regular sleeping pattern has undoubtedly helped, plus I don’t get up to go to the loo so much during the night. (It’s actually prescribed to prevent night-time urination in some patients!)

It’s been a complete life-saver for me, but it doesn’t work for everyone. I hope you’re one of the lucky ones!

Karen x

I have used it for many years (2 100MG tablets a day); first tablet early in the morning, second one EARLY afternoon otherwise it will effect your sleep. I stopped not long ago for 2 reasons: -I had used it for many years and wanted to know if it was still ‘doing as it says on the tin’… (apparently it seems to wear off after many years of use) -I also started using Citalopram not long ago and it does not appear to go ‘together’ with Modafinil (BTW, can anyone tell me more about this?) I find it very difficult to make a personal statement about the (positive) effect of it, but I seem to think that it does indeed take away the sharp edges of fatigue, especially mid afternoon. I might ‘restart’ the use of it again soon (as my fatigue phases are now definitely ‘longer’, but again, there might be other reasons for this); in which case I might be able to give you a clearer answer, as I should then be able to make a comparison (?).

Anyway, good luck.

That’s alarming Rizzo, there might be an economical reason for this? I seem to remember that a dutch lady living in the USA got hold of Modafinil without a prescription, and had to pay a significant amount of money!

It might be useful to contact an on-line medical company based in Glasgow, recommended to me for purchasing LDN (although I have not approached them just yet…)

Should be able to give you their details if required.

I’m fine thanks - I’ve been on modafinil for yonks so can still get it. The reason they are being given to not prescribe is that there is no evidence that it’s effective in MS. It’s only to be prescribed for narcolepsy.

I’ll happily believe that it’s about money and how popular it’s getting - it’s an expensive drug.

Karen x

I use modafinil and I sleep fine at night. I try not to take it too late though just in case.

I did get side effects in the beginning, especially headaches, but they wore off quite soon.

It’s been brilliant for me