Modafinil dosage

One of my worse symptoms is fatigue (both mental fatigue as well as physical fatigue) so I was prescribed modafinil for this by my neuro. The issue I’ve found is that when I take a modafinil tablet in the morning I then have trouble sleeping that night. So the following day my fatigue is worse, which makes the modafinil counterproductive. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with modafinil? What dosage works for you?

I was also concerned about my body becoming over reliant on modafinil. My neuro assured me that modafinil doesn’t cause a dependency and one wont become any more reliant on modafinil than what some people are on coffee. Has anyone been taking modafinil for a good number of years? Have you had any problems?

hi omar

you are lucky to be prescribed modafinil.

i have asked for it twice and been refused.

have you told your neuro?

he/she may have had other patients with the same experience.

has the leaflet that comes with this med got any info?

carole x

Yes to the first, no to the second. I have been taking it for years and years. 200mg first thing in the morning works well for me, and I certainly know all about it if I forget. I stopped taking it for a couple of years long ago when I was managing OK without, but was lucky enough to need to start again when it was still relatively easy to get someone to prescribe it, and have been on it ever since.

I think it is dreadful that it has become so difficult for MSers struggling with fatigue to try the one thing that actually seems to work reasonably well for many.


I took it for about 5 years or so. Like Alison 200mg in the morning. I stopped when I forgot to take it on holiday once (stupid brain fog, remembered all other drugs!) and when I ran out of the few I’d got in my handbag - eeking them out so ultimately tapered off slowly. And there was absolutely no difference to my fatigue levels. There had been when I started taking it, less fog, more alert, less fatigue generally. But I felt like I’d just become too used to it, so it stopped doing its job. Now of course a prescription is damn hard to get.

I think it might be worth persevering with it Omar, it does work and I did manage to sleep at night so long as I only took it in the morning, but I remember it took me about a month to get so I didn’t feel jittery. It certainly works 100%better than Amantadine.


Most people start with 100-200mg of Modafinil per day, in the morning. Some people may be able to get by with just 100mg, while others may require 200mg. Start low and gradually increase the dose as needed. Remember, safety comes first; consult with a doctor before taking it. Also, be aware of potential side effects such as headaches or sleep difficulties. Keep it basic and safe.