Modafinil - Provigil Dosage


I have been suffering with fatigue now for nearly a year. I was originally on Amantadine twice a day but it did not really do too much.

I am now on Modafinil / Provigil and have been taking 100mg twice a day which has since changed to 200mg in the morning. I find in the late afternoon i am having a sleep everyday.

How does everyone else take this?

all 400mg in the morning

200mg in the morning, 200mg at lunch or 100mg at lunch at first?

Any advice would be great



Hi Chris

I’m no longer on modafinil but I did take it for several years. The maximum daily dose is 400mg. So generally people take 200mg initially. This would be either 100mg morning and lunchtime or 200mg in the morning. This gives you the option to take another 100mg at lunchtime. I think going straight up to 400mg per day gives you no room to increase it if you need to later. It’s a great drug for fatigue; it helped me for several years to continue working, driving up & down the country and managing a social life too.

The reason I stopped was that I went on holiday and somehow managed to take all my medication except Modafinil. This meant I had to spend 2 weeks without it and surprisingly there was no difference in my fatigue levels. So I assumed it had just stopped working effectively and gave it up.

I still feel very fatigued but manage it better these days. It helps that I don’t work any more so I can rest much more easily.