Missing the Point on Benefits

I think there’s an important aspect being missed in the fight for benefits concessions with the new PIPs. Its all very well with the 20 metre walking angle but unless i have missed it, no one has made any issue of the alternatives for motability. In my case, if they removed my vehicle, the first issue I will have is that my nearest bus stop is half a mile away. I know I don’t need to point out to most here that probably, by the time i get to the stop i will be pretty much exhausted and unable to cope.Then I will have to deal with the cognitive problems that being in a public place surrounded by people often brings on, namely; confusion, fear of being able to cope and focus as, the more people pass quickly around me, the more these problems manifest. The fatigue alone would become another major issue as, at present, the saving grace of a motability vehicle is that we can go from a to b quickly and directly, conduct our business quickly and get back home as sson as possible. I don’t know about everyone else, but even in these circumstances, whether going to the Drs or nipping to the shops, I often fall asleep for a few hours when i get back home…so the thought of doing all this by bus is unthinkable. There’s also a great deal of difference in the effect that driving my own car, at my pace, from a to b has on my condition compared to riding the bus, full of noise and movement, constantly stopping and starting and not being able to see ahead has. The last time I used the bus, about six months ago coming back from a hospital visit, it affected me so much I actually got off at the wrong stop and had to wait another half an hour for the next bus to take me the further two miles.

i just don’t know how they can gauge a disability by whether you can walk 20 metres as if that were any menaingful criteria for judging a persons ability to function in society?

Just what i have been thinking,well said.

jaki xx

I’m all for the fight against PIPS taking DLA away and I understand the indepence a car (Motability or private) can bring.

Unfortunately, a decision depending on whether 20metres is within reaching distance of a bus stop WILL NOT BE A CONSIDERATION.

The decision makers (or the private company with no medical experience whatsoever, yet will have the power to stop benefits) will consider whether we can walk 20 metres or not. The answer will be a simple yes or no.

Unfortunately, their questions will not allow for grey areas or even clean cut explanation, you have to simply state Yes or No.

So for anyone being affected by the new PIPS taking away benefits, at least be prepared with answers and evidence for any tribunal.

There are excellent prospects to win tribunals, particularly as the 20metre example is lower than that provided by the government.

I have read that the descriptors need to be that you can do the task:

“Reliably, in a timely fashion, repeatedly and safely”

"Repeatedly means completed as often during the day as the individual activity requires. Consideration needs to be given to the cumulative effects of symptoms such as pain and fatigue."

Hope this may be useful