Hi there

i have suffered with migraines most of my adult life, usually hormone related. Today I woke feeling like I had an upper respiratory infection and that feeling of not being quite right. All my usual residual areas of numbness and weakness were heightened. This afternoon I started with a migraine, totally different to my normal ones. I usually have a ring aura in my eye for about 15-30 mins but no pain. Today it was a solid blob that lasted a few hours and left me with a headache and washed out. I feel weak like I can’t move properly and it has exacerbated my neuralgia in my face and my right eye vision is affected.

Does anyone else have an exacerbation of symptoms after migraine?

thanks in advAnce

​mrs b

Hi Mrs b

Sounds very distressing! Migraines can change their “style” from time to time. I, like you, have had them nearly all my life (mostly hormonal but also some foods set them off) but they never affected my vision until last year when I suddenly had a few with “crystal” type vision.

But are you sure that you haven’t got an infection of some sort? You mentioned feeling as though you had a chest infection. May be what caused you to have the migraine has also made you feel ill and exacerbated you usual symptoms. I have, over the last few years, learnt that unexpected flares are usual the result of a UTI so the first thing I do is get a urine test done!

Hope you’re feeling a bit better now x

Hi Teddie

thanks for the reply, I did attempt to answer last night. Typed it out then my screen froze and all was lost.

I think I am suffering with an infection, but wasn’t feeling ill with it, then this migraine came from nowhere. Still feeling the effects this morning. My right eye keeps having double vision on and off. Thankfully the neuralgia has gone and I just have the increased numbness on that side of my face. Don’t feel quite right today.

Do you find your migraines make your ms symptoms worse?

thanks again

mrs b