Migraine? What fresh hell is this?

Hi all, hope you’re doing ok? Last night I had the worst headache I’ve ever had in my life. Right across my forehead… and I’ve still got a headache now but not as bad… but I feel wiped out. Before the headache came I had a couple of hours of feeling euphoric. Felt like I was high on a wonderful drug. It’s hard to explain but everything looked beautiful & shiny & shimmering and I had such a sense of well being. Then came the pain. Looking on some migraine sites today I see it was probably a migraine… the euphoria is not uncommon although most people get it after the headache, but some, like me, get it before & see it as the warning that the migraine is coming. In my teens and 20’s I used to get ‘silent migraine’… hours and hours of vomiting (not fun!). I’ve taken an extra 10mg of Amitriptyline which has helped a bit. Although the euphoria was brilliant I wouldn’t want to deal with that pain again. It really was very bad. Anyone else get them? Any advice? Anyone else get the euphoria? Grey & breezy in London… oh happy 1st of July! Pat xx

Pat, apologies but I have to be quick… at work! If it is a migraine, then I’m so sorry to hear that, the pain is just awful. I’ve suffered with them since childhood (luckily very rare now, accupuncture works very well for me), I get sometimes up to a couple of days with it coming on, humidity is the worst. That could well be what’s done it. I’m like a barometer for thunder storms, the relief when one a storm appears is immense as the humidity just makes me head too hot! I’ve gone is far as whshing my hair in cold water before and opening a window when it’s snowing. The feeling is vile. Oh, and I vomit til there is nothing left and then my body will just continue to retch :(. Migraines are rubbish. Have you tried ‘Forehead’ stick before, I find that can help a little. Apart from that, a strong mug of tea and laying down in a dark room. Hope you feel better soon and sorry for big lump of text… work PC. Sonia xxx

According to the Barts & London migraine is quite common in MSers. Of course, this sad fact won’t help one bit, but the below entry does at least explain the reasons why.

I sincerely hope it’s a one off and you don’t continue to get visits from this miserable condition.

Saw a picture yesterday on a site of a guy with feet and hands in hot water and ice pack back of neck. Something to do with thinning blood at extremities helps migraines. Looked odd but I remember it. I think I only ever had one true migraine never want another. Unlike hangovers always said never again and walked back into a pub

Hope your soon back feeling better. XXX Don

Here’s a flower to cheer you up

Hi Pat

So sorry to hear this, migraines are horrid, so I sympathise with you.

Best to rest as much as you can, pain killers and take plenty of fluid on board, cos headaches a migraines can linger if you are slightly dehydrated.

Hoping you feel better soon, take care.

Pam x

Thanks for responses… Sonia thanks for taking the time while at work & Whammel thanks for link to article. The extra Amitriptyline has taken away the last of the headache… but goodness I feel weak. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again… but at least if I get the euphoria again I can take Amitriptyline right away & hopefully stop it becoming full-blown like last night. Thanks again, Pat xx

really feel for you Pat,migraines are nasty,pleased you feel a bit better today,but they do leave you feeling washed out for a few days,after,i get them from time to time, funny thing with me is i get the visual disturbances quite often with no headache, but feeling drained,i told the neuro and he said its common to have a migraine with just the visual disturbance,weird things these migraines…

J x

It’s good the amitriptyline works for you - with my migraines, prevention is definitely better than cure (what cure?)

It wasn’t til I was admitted to hospital when I was about 11 that I was given an anti-sickness drug… I could take them when I thought I might get a migraine so that I could keep down the painkillers if I needed them. My Mum refused to just dish out the aspirin every time I thought I was getting a migraine - she was wary as we knew a migraine sufferer with stomache ulcers from so much aspirin and sometimes I used to feel like I was getting one for up to 5 days before it actually happened!

I discovered those syndol painkiller a few years back and they work a treat as they’re supposed to be for tension headaches… they contain codeine and I don’t take that anymore as I’m taking LDN.

I think once you’re actually thinkng it hurts, it’s a matter of seeing it thru :frowning:

Lets hope you don’t get them often

Sonia x

Hi Pat, could it be possible that you had increased physical exertion prior to the pain? I’ve only had 5-6 episodes over the last 35 years always followed an episode of extreme exertion. One of my daughters has been suffering migraine like headaches, latest one resulted in hospital admission a week ago for 5 days, MRI no tumours etc thank heavens, had failed lumber puncture, taken to theatre for 2nd couldn’t get enough fluid to test, anti-sickness injections. Seen by eye specialist she has inflamed vessels behind eyes. Weakness down her left side and blurred vision Appt for neurology centre on Friday. I hope to god its not MS. Pauline

Hi Pat

Migraines are very nasty and yes, as mentioned are common in people with ms. I’ve been getting them for years, my daughter gets them too. As the others have suggested, take painkillers as soon as you feel it coming on, keep hydrated and life in a quiet darkened room. The earlier you treat them the better, mine can last about 3 days if I let it kick in before treatment. I was once admitted to hospital with a possible stroke but it was just that. You’ll learn to identify your early symptoms, mine is visual disturbances and listen to your body.

I hope it was a single occurrence for you. I’ve never heard of the euphoria so can’t help there. I feel for you, take care.

Cath xx

Hi Pat

I get them usually when I’m stressed or constipated which is quite often these days, I had a lot while I was on Butrans patches (for pain) and was very sick too.

Sorry can’t remember being euphoric, doc prescribed Migraleve, it doesn’t always work when you take the pink ones but 4 hours later the yellow ones usually knock you out. So Amitrip may have been a good way to deal with it. Here’s hoping you don’t get too many more.

Wendy x

Thanks Wendy. Hoping I don’t have another. I can’t think I did anything unusual to cause it and not particularly stressed out… just one of those things I suppose. Hope you’re having a nice Sunday, Pat xx

Thanks Pat I hope you’re migrane free this Sunday.

Wendy x

Hi Pat,

I get migraines as well and I use imigran which you can buy in boots or ask your gp for prescription. I take 1tablet as soon as the migraine stars and within 5 mins the migraine is gone.

Maybe you could try this.

Robert xx.