Has anyone had experience of Methotrexate, thank you for any replies.

Wendy xx

There are a couple of posts on the Barts Blog and this one is the most recent. Treating progressive MS….Is it about Cost or Innovation? Off-label drugs – The MS-Blog

Thanks Whammel

Methotrexate was one of the chemotherapies I had but it was to treat my Non Hodgkin lymphoma, so I don’t know if my experience would be of any help to you.

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Hi Corkie

I have been on methotrexate injection for 3:years now after being diagnosed with RA. It is helping to control the swelling in various parts of my body, but it hasn’t done anything to improve my MS.

Sorry I can’t be of anymore help, take care.

Pam x

hi this is my first visit for a few month corkie i was on methotrexate for around 8 years after being diagnosed with sle after a massive relapse in 2013 i was diagnosed with ms told to carry on with methotrexate as i still tested positive for sle but all my nails were rotten with infection i didn’t feel right at all i stopped taking the methotrexate soon felt better my nails heeld up i have the usual stuff asoshiated with ppms absolutly knackerd at times but coping still cant spell take care.