Does anyone take Methotrexate? Although I do have MS I was given Methotrexate for another Immune complaint, I understand some people with MS are given this drug and I would like to hear your views on it. I had only taken it for just over six weeks and ended up with Liver damage the hospital are now thinking about putting me on Leflunomide if the Liver scan is back to normal, anyone heard of it? After searching the Net it sounds to be the same drug but a different name, I would be grateful for any experience from people taking either drug.

I took it years ago from Crohn's but had a terrible reaction so they took me off it.  When my body had recovered from the side effects I got put on azathioprine which I responded well to.  Azathioprine used to be a treatment for MS and they believe that being on it helped treat the MS before they knew I had it

I take methotrexate but as a weekly injection for Ankylosing Spondylitis and folic acid 24 hours later. As of yet I have not had any bad reaction. Having said that when I tried taking the tablets they really upset me and had to stop. Have to have regular blood tests every eight weeks.

Hope this helps.

Janet x