Met my MS Nurse today

Well finally met my ms nurse today and she was lovely, I have two DMDs to choose from and let her know what I have decided to go for and she will get it all organised for me…
This is where Im stuck I have to choose between Copaxone or Extavia I would have been happier if they just made the decision for me!
Does anyone have any experience using either of these good or bad!! Any advice help appreciated thank you :slight_smile:


Glad you get on well with your nurse, its so important to have a good relationship with them!

I wad on copaxone, only reason for this was to get into the habit of making it a part of my life, e.g. like brushing your teeth, time for medicine!

Good luck with your decision, you will be fine :slight_smile:

Ash xx

Thank you that’s was my thinking too every morning shower, teeth, then jab! Mind you could still be waiting for jab at lunchtime lol! Guess it gets easier with practice xx

It did get easier, I found it better at night after a shower, just before bed. Plus you get into a “routine”.

I only stopped it because my MS has got considerably worse, but someone else I know says it works like a treat for her :slight_smile:

Can I ask how long you were on it? I did say “could I choose another one if that didn’t work” she said they were 1st to try then there was another treatment the monthly infusion which seems a wee bit scary :frowning:

I was on it for about 10 months, first few months were scary, but it did get easier.
I’m on tysabri now, but still seem to have relapses. It’s so hard to decide and it really is a matter of seeing which works best for u :slight_smile:

Hi Laine

I started on Extavia at the end of last year and have had no probs with it. I am used to the injections now, for the first week or so I had very mild cold symptoms afterwards but took ibuprofen and felt fine, after that I didn't need to take anything and I have no side effects at all now.

I wasn't given a choice of DMD which annoyed me a bit but getting on fine with Extavia so I don't mind at all now.

Good luck with your decision and hope what you choose works for you x



I have been reading up on them both I was heading toward copaxone but I noticed it says a reduction in the frequency and severity of relapses but not a reduction in the disease progression which now seems to have me steering towards Extavia,
I know it has to be my own decision which one I go for but this is hard, I only hope I make the right choice for me. X