Merry Christmas

To all my friends and everyone who is reading this, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I truly hope 2016 is kind to you.

much love,



And to you Yorkshire lass, Polly.

Oh! Also to everyone else in our very own MS world and beyond…


A merry Christmas to you and all on the forum. Thank you all for the advice and friendship you guys have given me since my diagnosis and I wish everyone an improved health in 2016. Pops xx

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Merry christmas to you Poll,and everyone else on here… she says… raising a glass of Baileys


J x

Merry Christmas to you,and yours have a happy and hopefully healthy Christmas

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And tio you too Poll.

Any may 2016 bring you lots of smiles,

Shazzie xx

i’d like to second shazzie’s post

here’s to a year of smiles

carole xx

Merry Christmas Poll I hope 2016 brings you plenty of holidays x

Jan x

Ho Ho Ho

Yeh Jan, plotting jollies keeps me going!


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