Merry Christmas MS Society

I hope you all get your wishes granted out there.

2019 is going to be awesome & the last week of 2018 is going to be a blur.

All my best wishes to all. Terry

Thanks Terry. Have a great day yourself. Wishes? I know my family here and away are blessed, and luckier than some but as for my wishes…? I’m with Jackie.


Terry, you little devil.

I think I spent the eighties in an alcoholic blur.

2019 will be my renaissance.

I intended to travel in 2018 but so much got in the way.

Once the cancer nonsense is sorted I’ll be all over the place.

I used to row at school-that was oarsome


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You’re a survivor Steve. You’ll be rowing again soon & travelling in 2019.

The nonsense can get lost & leave us to do our thing.

Take care out there dude.