Menthol Stimulus

Testing lozengers


Are they the new cure? Are they tasty?

There is no cure, only relief & yes, very tasty.

O we know there is no cure

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY BODY let’s hope 2016 is as good as can be .george

Glad you know. The number of experts who think they know, only justifies the know it alls. I know I have MS, because someone who knows, told me. What some know, confuses the ones who think they know, because the person they knew is in the know.

The question is. Does that person know what colour jumper I’m wearing, right now, this very second?

If they knew. Can that person see what’s going on in my neurological system at the same time?

Happy new year to ALL. Find your balance & avoid the cling ons. They know what they are doing.