Smoke and Mirrors

Are we being brainwashed into believing that M.S. is a treatable/curable condition. A myriad of effective?? drugs with strange sounding names have appeared in the past few years – are they actually working? Or are we in reality no further on than we were 10 years ago?

untill i see someone sunning the london marathon shouting from the rooftops i take no notice xx

“Treatable” and “curable” are two entirely different things. Even terminal illnesses (which MS usually is not, I hasten to add) are often treatable to some extent, either to relieve symptoms, or prolong life, or both. I don’t think anyone’s under the illusion a cure for MS exists (except maybe a few cranks who believe in bizarre alternative therapies). I’m not confident a cure will be found in my lifetime - although I’d love to be proved wrong. On the other hand, much more can be done about it than in days gone by. Not just because of MS-specific drugs, but because of advances in medicine generally. Prior to antibiotics, something like 90% of people with MS would be dead within 12 years, having succumbed to common - and today, treatable - infections. Of course, inferior diagnostics in those days would probably have meant only the more extreme cases were identified in the first place, which would have skewed the statistics somewhat. But still, long-term survival was not very good. Today, most people with MS can expect a near-normal lifespan, and the gap is narrowing all the time. So it’s never a “good” time to get MS. But our future is certainly brighter than it was for our predecessors. No, it’s still not enough. I hope I do live to see the day when MS is either curable or completely manageable, and no longer a devastating diagnosis. I think we’ve still got a long way to go, though. Tina

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We are slightly further forward with treatments BUT as with MS (or my problem MS) I often go forward then back and I’m scared to say sideways!!! All these strange sounding drugs barely deal with the many problems. We need to be positive or go mad ‘they’ are trying their best but its all hellish slow. Take heart at least we have this forum, you didn’t mention snake oil with the smoke and mirrors… M

I look on antibiotics treating an infection so I see the DMD’s helping with some of the symptoms neither treating or curing the condition as such, everyone’s beliefs are different, as its such a wide spectrum of symptoms I dont think there will never be well I dont think I will be alive long enough to see a cure. am I depressed not in the least, optimistic and a realist yes. Al x

Well, sad to say, my neuro seems to have forgotten I exist…nowt for PMSers, eh? luv Pollx

Hi Im under no illusion that MS has a miricle cure and I have felt keenly that worried look from the neurologist who cant say where my path is going to end up. It the unknown thats the most concerning you would think but what is worst when you have a GP with a cant be bothered attitude saying oh you have ms (before it was confirmed). For me its the attitude from some people its hard enough coming to terms with not only coping day to day re learning what you can and cant do, but also knowing this illness is for life. However I do stay cautiously optimistic as im a psychology student and their has been progress in other areas of psychology. Although what medication may suit one person may not suit another. I know im being irritating sitting on the fence here but being realistic following your instincts has at least served me well so far.