Menopause - head, jaw and neck pain !

Hi there ladies. Well,I don’t really know where to start, it’s all a bit baffling. Ok, so, I am 56, not had a period in over 12 months and yet I am STILL getting menstrual symptoms that I have had for past 10+ years !!! I get awful pain in my jaw ( never both sides at the same time ) head pain and a pain in my neck (( and it all is a PAIN IN THE NECK TOO HAAHAHAHAHA )) Joking aside - the reason for my post is to ask if any other ladies out there have similar. I take 2 x 200mg Ibuprofen for it which I might as well eat smarties for the good these pills do. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Try Feminax, They worked for me so my hubby started taking them ! (?)

Thank you for your reply, do you buy Feminax from a chemist or are they prescribed? Your husband takes them !! Haaaaaaa well they obviously work for him haaaaa

There are different types of Feminax - the ultra is naproxen based (naproxen is available in 250mg and 500mg on prescription)

the other over the counter Feminax is the express which is ibuprofen based and more expensive than generic ibuprofen

It is a very distant memory as my menopause started when I was 40 and only lasted 6 months!

My periods began way later than other girls my age and ended early too.

Perhaps it was time to stop begatting! (strange word that).

Carole x