Menopause and bladder symptoms


I’ve had MS for 17 yrs and have been spms since 2013. Add to this I’m 49 and clearly in the hormonal storm that is menopause.

I’ve had the classic overactive bladder the whole time I’ve had MS but thanks to BOTOX injections I’ve not had to worry about incontinence for several years, until now.

I’ve had a couple of nasty urine infections lately and my bladder has been really off, when I saw my gp she dropped the bombshell that this can be caused by the hormone changes associated with the menopause . She gave me oestrogen cream which I’ve used twice now and she also gave me loads of stuff to read about hrt which I’ve decided to go for.

What’s upsetting me though is I’m back to leaking wee sometimes. It feels like it was before I had BOTOX, overwhelming urgency then leakage, and I don’t know how I ever coped with it. I’m really hoping that the oestrogen cream will help calm my bladder back down but I was wondering if anybody has experiencd the same thing and if you could share what worked for you?

Like ms isn’t enough to cope with!!!

Ask for referral to the bladder clinic and see what they come up with.