Men Only Please!!!

Hi Guys (and all you Girls who are sneaking a peek at the message),

I was diagnosed with RRMS about 6 years ago and it was re-diagnosed to SPMS 4 years ago. I get pains down my left side all the time and am on the highest doseage of painkillers that my GP is prepared to prescribe. But for about 2 years now I have been getting intermittent pain in my penis. My GP originally thought it to be connected to my supra-pubic catheter that was fitted 3 years ago. I was referred to my urologist, who agreed but wanted to see into my urethra to confirm it. In fact, I was put under and he not only looked along my urethra but took a small amount of skin for a biopsy. The result was clear and he had no idea what to do after that and said he felt there was nothing wrong and clearly implied that I was making it up! Yeah right - make that up to go through all the tests that been done.

Anyway, as the pain kept on at me and clearly was getting no better, my GP said she would have to refer me again, but I said I wanted to see a different urologist. She agreed and although I had to travel a bit further it turned out to be worth it, as the new urologist looked through all the things that had been done and then asked me if anyone had considered that it might be pain caused by MS? I shrugged my shoulders and told him that I certainly hadn’t considered it, but he said I should seriously start considering it.

Can I ask if any of you other Gents have had this? Please let me know with anon pm so I can let my GP know when I see her again on Friday next month.

Kind regards and thanks for reading.

I cant offer any advice on this unfortunatley, but thought I’d bump you up incase someone else could

pm me.

Hello Anonymous, I am not a guy i am female,However i know a little about your problems. Please bare with me as i have cognitive problems and get spelling and word blindness at times. There are a few progresive urology clinics in the country where the docs are in constant touch with the latest teckno skills. It may be an idea to get in touch with your nearest MS therapy centre and ask to speak to someone there who should be able able to point you in the right direction. I wish you well . domestic goddess.

Hello Anoonymous, I’m afraid I have no pain like that—but I just wanted to reply to say I really feel for you, and I hope your GP sorts it out. My GP’s a woman too (I prefer female doctors) but sometimes I do wish I could talk with a male doctor. Anyway, good luck!