Memory Probs.

Morning Folks, I have not been on the site for a few years. I am after some info. if anyone could advise please? I am having severe problems with my memory, one of the reasons I have not been on the site for so long, and wondering if there is anything on offer to help with this. I have an appointment with my Neuro. on Friday so hopefully I can discuss this with her. I am not UK based so if there is something available I will have to negotiate to get it. Thanks…good to see some names from the past still using the site,

Welcome back Young Man,and how are Heidi and the crew?I understand your memory issues but don’t know of anything that a Neurotic can provide which may help.Of course that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something out there,maybe from the Altzheimers or Parkinsons ‘catalogue’

Apart from the usual list writing etc, one thing that sort of helps is a dictaphone.All I’m using it for at present is to record ‘official’ phone conversations and I had it running during a recent appointment with an ‘expert’.This is great for analysing stuff later, and I feel sure I’m going to find other ways of using it.Now where did I leave it?

Be lucky,


All I can say is skydrive, I have severe memory issues, I have a windows phone, windows tablet and windows on my PCM at work, what skydrive does is sync all your contacts, messages , calendar and anything else you need, my wife constantly puts things in my calendar, and no matter where I am, I know exactly what I am doing, there are lots of other program’s out there that do the same thing, google has just launched a product. But without this technology I would be lost. Chris

Thanks Chris, I am drowning in paper reminders & getting fed up with my phone beeping every 5 mins to remind me to do something.

You might try Fampridine (AKA Fampyra). It’s licensed as a walking drug but actually affects how messages are transmitted by the nerves in people with MS. I’ve read on here that it helps people’s brain fog - I’m not sure if brain fog is the same as memory problems. The health service is not funding it over here, but they might where you are.

I woke up at 2.00am and lay in bed trying hard to remember the name for a ….

I got to slingshot but that wasn’t right. I could see the damn thing in my mind but couldn’t dredge up the word.

Thank God for an i phone and google.


I once spent ages trying to remember the word ‘indicator’ for a car - colicky thing, flashy light…it was awful! Today was really bad as I was trying to explain things at work to someone and kept losing my train of thought and stopping in the middle of looking at things because I couldn’t remember why I was looking. god knows what she thought. I really hate this. Sheila

I have read somewhere that vitamin B12 can help with memory. Or was it fatigue? Oops, can’t remember! I too lose my train of thought at times. Mostly at work when I’m under pressure. I couldn’t remember a good friend’s husband’s name the other day. Difficult at times but tiredness and stress definitely make it worse. Take it easy. Ann