Meds ?

I haven’t got a diagnosis yet, still got to have my MRI but Neuro thinks it likely I do have although I’m still looking on positive side of it all but was just wondering does everyone have to take meds for their MS, I only ask as I have a huge fear of taking medication after I had a reaction to 2 anti-depressants in the past and I’m just wondering if this will be another battle that I may have to face ?

I would think that most MSers take pills of one sort or another, but you don’t have to. The meds directly for MS are mainly injections, either done at home by ourselves or at hospital, but most of the meds that we take are for symptoms, e.g. pain or spasticity. Again, you don’t have to take anything, but it can make life very much easier.

Karen x

Thanks for your reply Karen x

Hi Becca,

The meds I have at the moment are for symptom relief.

Am going through the process of disease modify drugs, which I have been allowed to give my preferance on.

I have had bad allergic reactions in the past to meds but so far, those prescribed due to MS have not led to a reaction.

Take care

Clare x

Thanks for that Clare, I do worry so much, I’m the biggest wimp & won’t even take paracetamol for my headaches as i’m scared of them after i felt funny taking some before, although it was a really cheap happy shopper brand i think that my friend had got for me when i couldn’t get out as we think i had swine flu at the time, made my heart race like mad to the point i thought it was going to explode out of my chest.

I’m taking my anti-depressants fine at the moment for my anxiety so should i need to take any other meds in the future hopefully i will pluck up the courage to take them as its either that or suffer on.


Hi, like you I am un diagnosed. But I`ve been on meds to help with my MS like symptoms for years. These are

amitriptyline for nerve pain

balcofen for spasms/spasticity

quinine for restless legs

oxybutynin for a calmer bladder

movicol for bowels

They all help ease the symptoms and work to a varying degree.

luv Pollx