hi all

im undiagnosed and waiting for my app (been 8 weeks even though it’s been labelled urgent ). Anyway I got told by an a&e doc I can get Meds for the unpleasant sensations (numbness ,tingling )etc . Also I have stiff muscles in legs .

Did anyone get Meds before a diagnosis ? I’m really struggling at the moment .

Kat x

I didn’t get symptom relief before diagnosis, and indeed struggled to get any for some time after diagnosis, with GP surgery and hospital bickering about whose responsibility it was!

However, I think and hope I was just unlucky, and it really shouldn’t be like that. In principle, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t treat a symptom without a firm diagnosis of what’s causing it. What’s more, a GP should be able to do it - it doesn’t have to be a neuro. Unfortunately, some GPs are jobsworths, who refuse to take any initiative, and want directions in triplicate from the hospital about everything. But the only drugs that always require a neuro (and a specialist MS neuro, at that), are the disease modifying drugs, or DMDs. It is unusual (but not impossible) to be prescribed those in advance of a confirmed MS diagnosis.

However, almost anything for symptom relief does NOT require a consultant’s permission. GPs are free to use discretion and commonsense.



P.S. Sorry, I forgot to say - don’t get your hopes up too high of anything that fixes numbness - I don’t think there is such a drug (apart from steroids, which can speed up the body’s natural healing).

Unwanted sensations like the pins and needles can be dampened down, but you can’t replace a sensation that is actually missing, as that would mean either being able to recreate signals from the brain to replace the ones that can’t get through (impossibly complicated - especially in a pill!), or being able to repair the damage that’s stopping them getting through. The latter is the holy grail of MS research, and is achieved to a limited extent by the body itself - sometimes with the help of steroids.

But at the moment, you can’t pop a pill that will mend a hole in the road - which is sort of what’s going on in MS that makes you lose sensation.


Thanks Tina

i will ask my gp. See what you mean about numbness , deffo makes sense . Thought was strange when the woman at a&e said Meds could help . But think she ass rushed off Her feet /didn’t really know .

  • she was rushed off her feet ( stupid phone)

There are definitely meds that can help - just not with numbness, particularly (unless she meant steroids - but I think you already had those?)

Pain or annoying sensations - yeah, you should be able to calm them down, although it might not be a complete fix.