Diagnosed today

Feeling a bit odd after finally being told I have MS. Started this journey in 2015 with optic neuritis, and after another couple of mild symptoms, here I am.

I am well currently but have been told I now re to take DMTs to reduce relapses. It all seems a bit overwhelming, but it would be good to know what the latest drugs are and your experience of using them. Daily injections and flu like symptoms as side effects don’t sound much fun… anyone got experience they’re willing to share?


Its a peculiar feeling when you’re diagnosed with MS. A tumult of feeling’s assault you. Depression, fury, misery, worry, relief (at least there’s an answer). All of these are valid. Don’t be in a hurry to get to ‘accepting’ the disease.

Meanwhile, have a look at All the disease modifying drugs are on there. You can at least have a look at what’s available.

Best of luck.