Meds for nerve pain

hi everyone

Im looking for people’s experiences with treating nerve pain what drug they use and if it was helpful.

Id also like to know if it can be taken at the same time as Mitazapine which I may be changing to.

many thanks

Ann x

Pregabalin is brilliant in my opinion. You might struggle to get it now though as it’s been reclassified as a controlled drug.

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Hello Smokey

I find Gabapentin works for me with no side-effects. Before this they tried me on Amitriptyline which stopped the pain, but at the expense of strong side effects - I was walking around like a zombie.

Can’t help with the Mitazapine question I’m afraid.


Pregabalin, Amitriptyline and Co-codamol for me.

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Thank you everyone for your kind replies, I guess I will just have to get a doctors appointment with regards to taking the Mitazapine alongside other nerve pain meds. Thanks again Ann x