Meds Advice Pls?

Hello All,
Just asking about the following pls: OCREVUS (Ocrelizumab) and if anybody here is being ‘prescribed’ this atm? If so, then how are you finding it pls? You know the usual questions such as, the good and bad effects of it?
I am a RR Mser and have just been prescribed it myself, so obviously want to ‘research’ it now before starting.
Thank you for any/all replies given,
Tc Anna

Good morning Anna,

I too am a RRMSer. I’ve been on Rebif for ten years with no side effects. Due to continuous lesions I’ve been offered Ocrevus. I have passed the screening and will take my first half dose this Wednesday morning.

I’d be lying if said that I’m not nervous but I really want to give this a go. Everyone’s different and react differently to drugs. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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I’ve a strong feeling that nobody is on Ocrevus in this forum

Yet!! We can’t wait for you to start and report back Mem!!

Sue x

Ok well my first infusion is complete and can leave the hospital in 25 minutes.

it wasn’t that bad for me. The only side effects that I suffered was a metallic taste in my mouth and a swelling at the back of my mouth. The infusion took about 4hours.