Hi just been diagonoised last month with ms, just seen the ms nurse on Wednesday which explained a lot of questions I had, I asked about medication and she said i don’t reach the criteria yet. What criteria do you have to reach. I have weakness in my right leg and can’t walk far before it starts dragging behind me and stiffness in my fingers, she said my leg won’t get any better now.

You have to have 2 relapses in 2 years and they have to be ‘clinically significant’. ‘Clinically significant’ isn’t defined but many neuros will accept things that interfere with every day life.


Am I eligible for DMDs?

The Association of British Neurologists (ABN) guidelines recommend that Avonex, Rebif, Betaferon, Extavia and Copaxone be prescribed for:
people with relapsing remitting MS who have experienced at least two ‘clinically significant’ relapses in the last two years
people with secondary progressive MS who are still experiencing relapses, and where these relapses are the predominant cause of their increasing disability
The guidelines also say they may be recommended for:
people with ‘clinically isolated syndrome’ (a set of symptoms which may well be due to damaged myelin around nerve fibres, but where there have been no other attacks), when MRI scans show a high likelihood that they will go on to develop MS


I assume you are talking about the Disease Modifying Treatments? Normally to get these prescribed you have to have had 2 clinically significant relapses within 2 years. For most neuros that means relapses that aren’t just sensory symptoms. I would think this is the criteria that your nurse is talking about.

Regarding your leg, many relapses can last up to a year and there is always room for improvement with exercise and physio.

Tracey x

Thank you still learning whats a relapse and whats a sympton hard getting my head around itxx