Medication for chronic fatigue syndrome

Hi guys like I’m sure many of you, I’ve been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, sometimes I sleep 3-5 hours each and every afternoon, not much of a life so I took it on my self to find something that could help, well I found a web site and found Modafinil it’s a Treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness, chronic fatigue syndrome, it mentions multiple sclerosis, so I sent it to my MS Nurse and she said yes it’s worth a try and is going to get a prescription from my Doctor for me. Through I would pass it on to you all, I will let you know how I get on.

all the best Deborah

Thanks Debs, think I’ve read about Modafinil but can’t remember where. The afternoon naps were taking 4-6 hours each day and I’d force myself out of bed. Nowadays, I’ve managed to reduce the naps to 60 - 90mins max. Each time I wake refreshed without being sluggish. It’s a long ‘power nap’ that works most times.

I have an appt with my MS nurse in 3 weeks and will mention Modafinil to her.

Chrissie x

Thank you,I will mention tbid to my partner. How are you getting on with Modafinil?

Wish l could sleep more… 3 to 4 hours a night is all l can manage. And not always in one go. l never sleep in the day.

l am following the - facebook group- Coimbra Protocol for MS and Auto-immune diseases … and l know that CFS is part of that treatment.

SJ i am the same i hardly sleep l only have a few hours a night 4 if i am lucky and i never sleep during day,i am exhausted through day but i just never seem to be able to sleep much at all,its like my body doesn’t need that much sleep,i do have to rest a lot though through the day.

l do try to keep plodding on all day - never sit for long. l feel l need to keep moving-moving-moving. Apart from the Coimbra Vitamin D protocol l also follow the Biotin…and l use CBD purple paste and Sativex…and LDN. Think l have it all covered. So no fatigue. Bedtime l take magnesium glycinate - which is supposed to calm you down and help with sleep - it certainly helps with cramp and restless legs.

It’s now quite difficult to get a prescription for Modafinil. It has always been prescribed for narcolepsy, but was prescribed off label for MS fatigue for a long time. But in the last few years it’s been muhc harder to get it.

It is a much better drug for MS fatigue than Amantadine, but there seems to have been a scare over heart problems with Modafinil. So you’d be lucky to have it prescribed now. But there’s no harm in trying.


If you can’t get/don’t want to take modafinil, vitamin B12 can help with fatigue - although don’t expect miracles, it is a vitamin rather than a drug.

A spray is more easily absorbed than a tablet, and there are two forms - cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin - methylcobalamin is apparently much better but I haven’t found a spray with that form yet.

I recommended it to my friend with MS and she found it helps too - but we’re all different, so may not be for you. But it might be worth a try…

I hope it helps you Deborah,

I tried it but sadly it helped almost too much…it made me mega hyper and then unable to sleep at night…I tried halving them but still the same problem so I gave up on them but I’ve heard a few people say they are fantastic so I really hope you fall into that category and not end up like me!

Take care,

Nina x