medical loans?

does anybody know anything about medical loans?

is it possible to get a medical loan for a non nhs procedure such as HSCT

if so, how much cash can you get on a loan?

between 30-60k is what am after

wots HSCT? sounds like a huge dollop o brass!

hang on…is it stem cell Treatment…do you think it is a reliable source? what if it didnt work? even if it did, how you gonna pay that much off…I know, I`m a born worrier…I am usually a very positiv person, but can also be quite naive…hence my concern for you and your possible plans hun.


hahaha, dont you worry your little head :stuck_out_tongue:

id say its more chemotherapy based treatment.

honestly, ive been through the thing in my head about a million times, im not looking to try and justify this as a treatment option.

What i am looking for is a way to get the money for it. I am young (25) i have a job that pays ok, i could save up but it would take 5 years, i dont want to wait 5 years, its dangerous.

i would say i am financially nieve, ive never taken a loan in my life, never been in debt,

so please, anyone got an idea what my next move is here?

Hey Raymond.

Have you seen the fb page for hsct? Most people fund raise. I fly abroad 12 /06 for hsct, pm me if I can help. Steve.

Me again.

just wanna wish you and Stevie good luck with your plans.