What are everyone’s views on this (apart from it being scarily expensive)?

Everything seems scarily expensive to me these days, ( I remember when it was 5p to catch a bus etc.) but what specifically were you wondering about?

Stewart (admin)

Googled HCST but am no wiser - sorry.

for me,i am wondering what the letters mean!

ellie x

I’m guessing you meant HSCT, or Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation. I think stem cell therapy is a very promising legitimate research area, but no way I’d PAY to let anyone experiment on me. As a general rule of thumb, I’d say if they want money, it’s not legit.

If it was genuine clinical research, they CAN’T make money out of participants.


Spot on, if it was a trial i would put my name down in an instant. But to pay to be in a trial is crazy. If the treatment works they would make a fortune.

On the upside atleast they may find a treatment that works for us.


FFS Stewart - some of us remember when it was 9d [less than 4p] for haddock & chips…try telling that to the kids today…

Sorry, I did mean HSCT. I’ve been reading George Goss’s blog - claiming it 80% stops MS and the chemotherapy wipes out the pre-existing immune system. The transplantation of stem cells creates a new immune system. There are phase 3 trials taking place in the US, with the likelihood of it being finished at the end of this decade/beginning of next. It doesn’t work well for PPMS (and I’ve had it for 7 years :frowning: ) but I guess I am desperate enough. I just wanted some other view points.

It does sound a very rough treatment to go thru. Chemo levells to wipe out the immune system must be high? But if ms is the immune system attacking myelin, wiping it out and rebuilding could lead to the best treatment so far.


just watched this on youtube - YouTube

Its an american guy Chad Pfefer, telling his story on his MS and the HSCT that has made a huge difference.

For me, he is telling the truth.