Maybe neuropathy?

Hey there,

I have started having all my MS or neuropathy or fibromyalgia or sciatica suspected symptoms after coming out of clomipramine and pregabalin after 14 years.

It’s pins and needles, numbing feeling, tingling, and mild but continues pain on legs biceps that drains my energy out,

Pins and needles, numbing, tingling on feet mostly (rarely on hands)

Had some numbing on face recently (twice)

When I saw online that it could be MS the symptoms got worse very abruptly!

My specialist upcoming consultation is on September but I will do a brain MRI next week,

I guess the next will be spinal cord MRI and finally a lumbar puncture?

How long will I wait for these when a neurologist judge that I need to do?


Hi George

This is my timeline in the UK.

I started with a numb face in April 22

Brain MRI early May 22

Spine mri in sept

Lumber p in dec 22

Confirmed MS Jan 23

Appointed end of April to start treatment

You don’t have an MS dx (or an dx for any of the other conditions you listed) but you think you might? Have I interpreted that correctly?

My only thought would be, have you and your advisors considered how much of your trouble might be due to coming off heavy, long term meds? Withdrawal from these things can be a total nightmare, as many of us on here can attest, and can often masquerade as something else. I’m sure you’ve been through all that, but wanted to mention it just in case you hadn’t considered drug withdrawal as a contributor. Doctors can have a tendency to downplay how bad it can be.

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Well you have a point because the ms like symptoms started immediately after the end of taking these meds (after the end of clomipramine, pregabalin intake stopped one year earlier), of course they vary a lot, the symptoms come and go and also vary.

My psychiatrist initially told me that it could be stress related or Restless Legs Syndrome

He was negative when I mentioned the withdrawal effects after all these years (I started clomipramine and pregabalin on March 2008, before this I had taken even heavier antipsychotic medication)

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Just the numb on the face?

How long did it last?

Its not really numb but just feels different than before.

It has got better by about 20%

My ms like symptoms can appear and disappear within hours, could this indicate that it’s not ms?

I do believe many people have symptoms that come and go.