I’m due to start mavenclad in the next few weeks.

I’m just wondering about other people’s experiences and how it made them feel.

When I’ve taken prednisone in the past for a week after I have actually felt human and I’m desperately hoping some form of treatment will have a similar effect.

What’s your thoughts

Hi are you a Facebook member? They have a Cladribine group that you can join as it is a private members group. People describe their reactions etc. A font of useful information.


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Guna keep eye on this as i will be starting it aswell within 6wks x just waiting for chest xray. Hope it works well hun

I’m just about to start this medicine too, any info or advice would be fab!! I’m scared! X

First week i was fine then started getting more tired and feeling drunk for weeks. I also had palpitations. I struggled taking the second week but i did it. Ive had hair loss. Hoping this can strop progression. The fb ground mavelclad (cladribine( for ms is really good. Request to join.

Thankyou! I’ve requested to join today! I’m worried as I will be taking quite a few tablets (due to weight :weary:). Hopefully you settle down soon and the hair loss calms down! Keep us updated xx

Hi Tripplepink,

I’m just wondering how you are now after medication? Has it been helpful?


Hello Joanna,

How are you after medication?
I hope you are benefiting from it.