Any one on Mavenclad Cladribine?

Hello, first time using this, first time posting. I have been on Plegridy Injections for several years, last winter I relapsed for several months (without new lesions) and they have decided to escalate my treatment to Mavenclad, Cladribine which is tablets for one week, 4 weeks off, another lot of tablets for one week and then nothing for 2 years!

I am struggling to find anything on the internet about people being on this medicine, side effects, how they feel whilst on it. I am nervous, it technically is a form of chemotherapy and is a highly immunosuppressant.

If anyone can give me any advice about this medicine I would be very grateful!

Hi I used to follow a very informative site on Facebook (UK Cladribine) where people talked about their experiences, side effects etc. worth having a look.

Good luck.



As Sue84 says there is a Facebook group for people in the UK, I joined it just after it started and there are now just short of 700 members of the group. A lot of very helpful people who have, are, will or trying to decide if they will be going through the process.

I actually had the Cladribine (injections) form in 2018 and 2019.

It’s a week of injections (or tablets) and then a month later repeat. Wait a year and then repeat the whole process and then for the following two years you are monitored. I had the treatment in Feb/Mar 18 and repeated in Feb/Mar 19.

As with everything different people have different issues. I was fortunate and only suffered with an upset stomach/need to rush to the toilet but that could have been from the anti-viral tablets I had to take at the time.

If you are on the tablet form a lot of people in the Facebook group recommend taking the tablets in the evening and you sleep through any adverse effects.

I hope this is of some reassurance to you.


I have had my first year of the treatment soon to start second lot, i was very lucky and didnt have any side effects with this, i made myself anxious before starting it as i have a baby so was worried i would suffer but thankfully not, keep us updated as to how you get on and ya can always message me if ya need chat

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