Hello , I am currently waiting on commencing mavenclad after two failed DMTs, Does anyone have any advice on what to expect??? Or even possible side effects??

any advice would be great

J x

Hi J, I’ve been suggested Mavenclad (aka cladribine) or Tysabri. Really struggled to find information on people’s experiences with Mavenclad, possibly as only recently made more available. There is a UK Cladrabine users group on Facebook which I’ve found really helpful. It’s a closed group so you just have ask for an invite to join. Very friendly and offers a pretty balanced range of experiences on side effects and benefits which I’ve found helpful. Still pretty new drug so most people are just at end of their second year of treatment. If you search for ‘UK Cladrabine users’ on FB you should find it. Hope you find it helpful. Sal

I too will start soon. Very scared. The fb group didn’t help my nerves, tbh…i was quite ok till i joined them. My ms is quite mild really but new lesions on tecfidera made my neurologist suggest mavenclad. I feel too well to take this drug but i know it could all come crashing down without any drug even when I am feeling fine.

I finished year 2 of the Cladribine injections in February, lymphocite count was low so only needed 1 injection in the first round and no injections for the second. The only side effect I suffered with was in year 1 and I put it down to the anti-virual drug I had to take. I had an MRI around the start of year 2 treatment and the report said that there was no evidence of progression since the previous examination. Hope this helps. MS2017