Mature Student with MS

Wonder if anyone else is in a similar situation…

I am literally returned to full time Higher education last September and got diagnosed just a little while ago. Alas, I am having to self fund my course apart from Student loans which I can’t rely on but I am finding that fatigue may be a problem.

Wondering if there is any help available - I don’t think I would get any work related benefits as I’m a full-time student, don’t need assistance so disabled student allowances are not suitable. Just a bit scared that if I can’t work, I can’t finish my course…

Also I am interested in peoples experiences in being a student with MS…

Is there a disability support office at your university? You should also contact the students union for advice… They aren’t just there to organise parties and protests like some people think:-) there should be a student welfare officer or something similar… I made it through 2 degrees with MS… A small handful of people at the uni knew and whenever I needed extensions etc etc they would just sort it for me, kept my stress to a minimum on that front. Find some good allies on the staff side of things. Good luck with your studies and enjoy your time… Jx

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Having MS is considered a disability in itself regardless of obvious disability like mobility problems so you should apply for the Disabled Student’s Allowance (fatigue can be horribly debilitating and is definitely a disability!). You could use this to pay for someone to do notes for you, to pay for voice recognition software, for extra tuition, etc - anything that will help you to manage your symptoms and continue with your course. You should also register with the Student Support Service (or whatever it’s called at your college/uni) - they will be able to give you a lot of support and advice, as well as liase with your department and/or tutors to ensure that you get extensions, lecture notes / handouts in advance, etc. Finally, tell your department and tutors yourself too. They can only take special circumstances into consideration if they know about it!

As far as financial help goes, you might be eligible for DLA? There are various benefits checkers online that will show you whether you have a chance of claiming that and anything else. Here’s a link to the CAB version:

I too made it through two degrees with MS. So it’s definitely possible :slight_smile:

Karen x