manuka honey need help

hi guys

I was told to try manuka honey for my ms as it supposed to help but when reading up on it am getting a little confused to which one i should get should i get the umf or active and at what strength as it says 20+ or 24+ on the internet has anyone else tried this and has it had any benefits to anyone




i used to take it hated the taste! i now take bee propolis (?sp) cos its full of ‘good stuff’ and i happily buzz about in my powerchair

What benefits do you feel you get from that if you don’t mind me asking

hey, no prob.

prob the same as a multi vitamin/mineral. its easy to swallow-no after taste. i had huge disabling attack 2 yrs ago and it was a greek pharmacist that suggested bee stuff. i feel as if i have got my life back-not physically but i ‘feel’ more able to cope with all the daily challenges now. i doubt if thats simply down to bees! but i believe its a contributing factor to where i was and where i am now.


i sent off for the stuff from new zealand.

very expensive and didnt like the taste because it was too sweet.

i used it in juices when i had a juicer.

i’d say buy one from the supermarket.

good luck

carole x

How come u stopped using it carole did it not do anything for you and ellie where do you get that from

I tried (very expensive) manuka honey last year as a daily thing for a couple of months. Did absolutely nothing for me apart from make my wallet considerably lighter !!

Honestly, I could have achieved as much benefit by sticking red-hot knitting needles in my eyes!!

For me, a complete waste of time and monet …but it did taste lovely


hi sherrie

i never took it because it was so sweet. like eating lots of sugar with sugar on top!

it reputedly has healing properties but i never found out if true.

honey in general has healing properties.

clever those bees!

carole x

You are very witty Dom…make me laugh

Honey on porridge and drizzled on crusty bread and butter, yum yum


Slightly off thread but my vet prescribed manuka honey for a very nasty wound on one of our horses. He had been kicked on his knee and the cut was so wide it could not be stitched. Have to say the knee healed very well and left no scar and the hair when it grew back was chestnut and not white as so often happens after a nasty injury. so it obviously has some healing properties. My father used to swear by it for sore throats, cuts and just about everything inbetween.

I love honey, and it’s clever stuff (you can keep it for years and it won’t go off), but I would never pay the outrageous prices for this. I don’t believe all the hype whatsoever (there’s no scientific evidence of ‘special’ properties), and it’s certainly not worth worrying which type you should get. Worry whether it’s worth spending all that money at all, or whether you should just treat yourself to your favourite supermarket variety.

Interestingly, the Wiki article on it (I know Wiki isn’t infallible) says that due to the huge price premium, a high proportion of “Manuka honey” sold around the world is fake - i.e. it’s just any old honey, labelled-up as the higher-priced Manuka.



A form of sterile honey dressing is used in health care for wound a burn dressings. Definitely not the honey they sell on line and charge a fortune, that is a rip off :slight_smile:


will send u pm

I think all honey has antibacterial properties - and yes, I have put it on a cut or burn before, albeit not with as much success as ordinary antiseptic. I just don’t think there’s anything extra Manuka honey will do for you - such as relieve/reverse the effects of MS, cancer, or anything else that’s from time-to-time claimed.


So if I bought the manuka honey which is aldi for under £5 instead of expensive stuff it would do just the same if it was going to do anything

Yes it would Sherrie. Give it a trying, it can’t hurt and honey is lovely:-)

just saw ur last post-i would say yes! try it at that price-def!


and if dont like it put in on any cuts/bruises u may have

I don’t personally believe it will do much, regardless which brand you buy (apart from honey being an excellent foodstuff anyway). But if you do want to experiment, I think a gamble at under £5 is much better than some of the prices.

If you genuinely believe it makes a difference, I suppose you could consider upgrading to one of the dearer brands. But then again, why would you, if you can already enjoy the benefits for under a fiver?



l buy the Aldi manuka honey - add it to Greek Yoghurt [Lidl] with chopped banana/berries or chopped figs/prunes/apricots.

Meant to add - that NO - l do not shop. l have a hubby who is a shopaholic who can’t go a day without shopping. One thing in his favour is he does take a couple of elderly neighbours to do their shop - and he also gets all the shopping for my 90 yr old Mum