Mammogram (Ladies only)

Hi all, Have any of you in an wheelchair had a mammogram?, got my letter today went for one before MS when I could walk.




Hi Cindy, I’ve no idea.

I know they always put a number to ring if you can’t climb steps or need wheelchair accessable. If I were you I’d call that number and ask them about remaining in wheelchair for the mammogram. As the equipment can move up and down (for different heights) maybe it can be lowered enough for wheelchair?

But I can’t think how you could get close enough to the machine.

It’ll be interesting to know how they manage it.

Hope it goes ok hon and you are having a nice Sunday,

Pat x

Hi Cindy

Yes, you can have a mammogram done in a wheelchair, I had one

done 4 weeks ago. In Gloucestershire I go to a different site than where

they are normally done, but I suppose it would be best to ring to check if

they have disabled facilities where they are asking you to go.

The only thing that had to be moved out of the way was the feet rests, they

just swung them backwards, they put a cushion behind me in my chair to

keep you forward, and there were two posts either side of the machine to

hold on to, so you could not slide out. The machine was moved up and down

and side to side easily, and the two ladies who done it for me were so lovely,

nothing was too much trouble.

Hope it all goes well for you, and that this has reassured you.

Pam x

Thank you both will let you know how it goes xxxx

Hi, Like Pam, I have mammograms whilst sitting in my wheelchair. They lower the machine. it`s uncomfortable even when standing.just have to grin and bear it.

i go to the hospital for mine, as I can`t get up the steps in the mobile unit.

Last year, i was told all the machinery is changing and will be less awkward next time i go.

Good luck.

luv Pollx