Breast screening

How do you have breast screening if you can’t stand up? I’ll be due for a scan early next year and I’m finding I’m worrying about it already.

Whilst I can still get around under my own steam, I find standing still very painful and tend to fold in half, and suffer severe neurological pain from mid to lower spine and across the top of my pelvis. I have to sit down or risk falling, not something I’d want to do while clamped into the scanner.

The scanner at my local screening centre looks like it won’t lower enough for a seated scan.

I can stand for a minute or so on a good day but that won’t be long enough for the screening.

Most of the screening at my local hospital is done in a mobile unit in the carpark. It has steep steps up to it which would be impossible for me. On the appointment letter inviting me to this there was also a phone number if the unit wouldn’t be suitable.

I was given an appointment within the hospital where they allow much more time. I was able to stay in my wheelchair and they brought the scanner to my level.

Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be able to do this for you too.

Sarah x


Hi I am new to ms forum. I’m 36 just been diagnosed with ms 3 weeks ago. The gp gave me 1 month off work, that runs out tomorrow but I will ask for more time off. Its funny cause I just came on the forum for the first time and yours was the first post I saw!! I am a mammographer and I have ms! At my breast screening unit we have lots of clinics for ladies with numerous different issues, some physical some mental. But we do mammograms on ladies with ms and in wheelchairs. You would need to be able to support yourself for approx. 15 seconds per mammogram. You can sit in between each mammogram and all the mammography machines do come low enough for wheelchairs. Just ring and tell your screening centre first and they will give you a longer time slot with 2 members of staff to help. Hope this helps DO NOT let your condition deter you from attending the staff are there to help.

they always offer an alternative. Ring the office if it does not say on the letter. I said, I can’t manage steps and they send you to one in the main hospital. As for sitting/standing - the machine is adjustable, Im sure they will work something out.

Hello Ang, I’m so glad that you’re have a response from a mammographer probably the best person to give you advice Please don’t worry about this, I had my first one last year. When you get your letter inviting you for your test It’ll explain everything you need to know.