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Hello everyone! Thanks to everybody who responded to my panicky posts about starting Copaxone. All went fine with the nurse who trained me and I can’t believe how easy it is to do. The autojector is definitely my new favourite contraption. Now I feel like an enormous dunderheed for making such a huge song and dance before starting. I did hit a muscle when I injected my thigh yesterday and that hurt. Any tips on how not to do that again? Claire xx

Hi Claire Sorry no tips on how to miss a muscle. But millions of congratulations for your success. Well done you. Think everyone gets extremely anxious, myself included when starting to inject. It’s not really a very natural thing to do - but gotta be done. Hugs Min xx

Thanks Min! You’re spot on, not natural at all but it’s for our own good at the end of the day. Take care :slight_smile: xxx

well done claire!

carole x

Well done Claire I have been using the auto injector for 10 years and have caught a few muscles in that time. If you pinch the skin on your thigh between thumb and forefinger and inject into the skin there you are likely to miss the muscles. I hope this helps. Neil

Thanks Carole

Cheers Neil! It’ll be thigh day again on Tuesday so I’ll definitely give that a try and hopefully it’ll feel a bit better.

Hi claire, like neil says pinching skin between finger and thumb lifts it away from muscle

so you inject into “subcutaneous” tissue, (subcut injection) so you shouldnt hit muscle.

Give it at 90° [ straight up] if you can pinch 2 inchs.

Give it at 45 ° [at a slant ] if you only pinch 1 inch.

google ’ injection techniques’ they show some pictures to guide you

Hope this helps you, sorry! i am a nurse had to explain xx

good luck kitty.

Hey there Kitty! Magic thanks. That’ll be some bedtime reading tonight :slight_smile: Claire xx

I was well trained on the injection techniques for my Copaxone times. I went off of them when side effects became intolerable (feeling ill about 50% of the time for 10-30 minutes: hard to breathe, flushed face, tightness in chest, even threw up a few times), but most of the time I didn’t even us the injector because I found it easier to get it over and done with on my own. Basically you can inject anywhere you have fatty tissue, although some spots are more recommended than others :slight_smile:

Do try to avoid areas with nearby veins and arteries though.

Cheers Neros xxx

Hi Claire, I manually inject too, started March this year, although I did think the auto-injecter was quite nifty! I’ve found that the only areas I can inject in to without developing sore, itchy red welts at the injection site, are my love-handles, hips and butt. I rotate sides and area on a daily basis and so far have had no other injection site reactions. There’s plenty of soft, wobbly flesh for me to select from so I think this helps! I couldn’t get the hang of injecting legs and arms without it being really sore. Hope it continues to go well for you! x

Hey there! I’m glad you’re not getting any other horrible site reactions now! Long may that continue :slight_smile: Hehe I find that the rotation helps too! Goes a little something like this for me: spare tyre, saddle bags and tree trunk then switch sides :smiley: Arms are meant to be painful spots though! Especially if you’ve got wee skinny ones. xxx