Making a will

I would like to know where I can find a family solicitor to get advice on making a will.

I live in North London and hey would have to visit me at home because I am now house bound.

Yellow pages ?

Look up solicitor or “Will Writing” in your area.

Google either and search your area.

Most would call to your home.

We’ve just changed our Will and the person came to our house twice, once to write the Will, second time to get it witnessed and signed.

its a simple procedure.

Good idea to write a will.

While you’re sorting your will out it might be worth looking into getting a Power of Attorney for health and finances.

Usually two family members or close friends. They only need to be activated when you’re unable to sort your finances out yourself or make decisions about your health etc.


Yeah,Power Of Attorney, is great idea. Its £84 per Attorney. Theres a finance Attorney & a health Attorney. Can easily do these on the .Gov site. When you pass away the Attorney(S) come to an end and then your Will takes over. We’ve just taken both Attorneys out.

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Have you seen the MS Society’s page on will making? There’s some information there and a page you can download with further info.

I made my will through the National Free Wills Network, it was fairly simple and cost nothing. I was required to leave an amount to the Society; I believe, if my memory serves me right, that the minimum amount required was £500.

This was some time ago so things may have changed.


You was required to leave a minimum of £500 to the MS Society on a “Free” will writing service ?

That doesnt sound entirely correct ?

Dont get me wrong, I’m all for making donations to charities, in fact I have a couple of donations taken automatically from pay at work every month, I’ve also done the bucket walk around (more of an hobble around really), asking for donations and did a campaign at my works when it was MS awareness week, but having to leave a donation of £500 in a will that is supposed to be “free” doesn’t seem correct ?

Just read about this service from your link.

Theres no obligation to leave anything in your will to the MS Society, its purely optional.

Perhaps its changed since you did your will.


Hi, I’ve just read that through again and you’re right, it does say ‘no obligation’. Maybe I’m remembering it wrongly, it was quite some time ago. I guess it could have been a ‘suggested’ donation.

There are other schemes out there, one of them is ‘Will Aid’, easily found on-line working with nine charities, but none of them MS related.


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Yeah Ben theres loads of them out there.

Can even go to your bank as sometimes depending on what type of bank account you have you can get a free will written via the bank.