Made redundant

Hi all, for the last 30 days I have been under the threat of redundancy, well this morning I was told I’m not successful in retaining my job, I haven’t seen all the paper work as yet expect to receive it in the morning, I have been of work for the last 10 months as I was diagnosed with cancer, so had the chemo,surgery,and radiotherapy, and MS to contend with also, while iv been of sick the company I worked for lost the council contract and so we have been taken over by the ones that won the contract, I went back 4 weeks ago on a fazed return to work so the ms could settle, they never seemed to have anything sorted out for me to do, and now today made redundant and told it was as effect from today and they would pay my notice period, but it feels like I was never given a chance to show what I could do, even though I had 11 years with the company that was taken over, it just does not feel as if the desision was made as soon as the announced there would be redundancies, because of the cancer and the ms

Hi tattybear

I’m sorry to hear this news.

I’m not sure what will be in your paperwork as I’ve never been in this situation but if you feel your selection for redundancy had more to do with your illnesses than the role you could perform in the company then I would suggest you seek legal advice.

I did find this

and thought it might give you a few pointers.

Hopefully there will be a few more people along soon with knowledge of employment law and redundancy.

Tracey x

Hi hun, I am terribly sorry to hear of your cancer. Dont need anything on top of MS, as life is hard enough. Bless you, I do hope you are clear of cancer now.

This business at work…making you redundant…the way they have done it…is it legal?

Maybe someone else will come on to tell you more.

Look after yourself luv.


Sorry to hear about all of that, you must feel like you’ve been hit right between the eyes :frowning:

I really hope you can get some help and most of all, I hope you recover well


Sonia x