M.s support

Hi can anyone help.I have been diagnosed with m.s for 7 years.Im slowly going down hill

and I’m really struggling to cope.I don’t feel like I can leave my house on my own anymore.i can walk but not very well on my own.i feel so conscience and I feel so alone.Im only 3:.Does anyone feel like this?

Hello Daisy

Do you have an MS nurse who you could contact and get an appointment with?

When you say you can walk but not very well, do you use a stick, a crutch, any other walking aid? If not, you might feel safer with something. If you have an occupational therapist or a physiotherapist, you could ask them for help in making your walking a bit safer so you’d feel more secure going out.

What variety of MS have you been diagnosed with? If it’s relapsing remitting, are you on a disease modifying drug? And have you been having relapses? If you are RR, on a DMD and having relapses, maybe you should see your neurologist about changing your drug?

But if you have progressive disease, obviously DMDs are no use. Maybe working with a physio would do you some good to improve your walking and balance.

You could also look for a local support group. If you hit the tab at the top of this page marked ‘Get Involved’, scroll down to near the bottom, there’s a box marked ‘Find support near you’. You type in your postcode or town and a list of groups should come up.

Meanwhile, keep visiting this forum, the more you post, the better we all get to know you, and the more supportive we can be. Just let us know about you, your MS and your life.


Oh goodness Daisy, you really don’t have to suffer this alone…everything that Sue has said I’d repeat!

Speak to your GP, he/she should be able to send you onto all the help you need.

Reach out to your doctor, ms nurse, ot…there’s lots of help available to help you.

Let us know how things go, this is a very friendly forum, we all help each other


Hi Daisy,

If it’s support you’re looking for then this is the right place to be. Lots of people with MS with a wealth of knowledge.

You’re not alone.

Remembering we used to have a drink and a chat on a Friday night in the old days.

Keep well.