New here

Hello all I’ve been living for 13 and half years with MS and at first it was ok but now it has progressed where i can’t really walk outside the house i can move around my house. I have no friends just ny family so i feel alone cause they have no idea how it fells to go able to dance and walk to not to. My husband is still with for 18 years even after i got diagnosed so we are fighting it together.

Hi Mom I know it is easier said than done but maybe a group meeting or church cafe coffee morning. I know it i.s easy to feel isolated and alone but there are places to go. Get a wheelchair or a scooter. I Know I was terrified of admitting to myself I could no longer walk and need some help. Speak to your MS nurse or your GP. You will be surprised what the two of you can get up to with a few tool of the trade ie wheelchair walkers etc. It is hard accepting you are no longer well enough to gett about I fought everything from single walking stick one crutch two crutches an walker and now in an electric chair (not the scary kind) you can read some of my story in a blog post I wrote today.

Hope you can sort something out. Don

I live 5,000 thousand mile from my homeland and i just got situated in my home and its a very tiny village but on Wednesday I have appointment my neurologist that I had for only a year. My husbands family is very useless so its just me him and my oldest daughter who is only 15 so we are really alone cause the friends I had left me cause it was to much for them so I have no one to socialise with. As far as a scoter they cost to much so that i can forget about but we are gonna check on a wheel chair.


It sounds like you are having a tough time. Coming to this site should let you know that there are others in a similar situation and they will share their ideas and experiences.

I never wanted to join any social group or MS clubs. Through my MS nurse I got to meet some people at an “energy management” course. It was really interesting comparing experiences and strategies for coping. So if I were you I would talk with my health care professionals to ask about what help there might be near to you. As your husband sounds supportive it might be good to get him involved. It is all too easy to become isolated which I do not think does any good for anyone.

I wish you all the best of luck


Thank you I will talk to my GP and neurologist when i see him it does help to know im not alone suffering sorry if that sounds wrong. I need someone that really understands what im going threw.