m.s and sensory problems

I got diagnosed 2yrs ago with aclinically isolated episode however since this time i have been left with sensory problems e.g. certain smells make me feel neuseaous, if i get over visual stimulation my pupils feel like they are huge and i get light halos, i get numb spots in my ears and certain pitches of noise make me feel sick. i have other symptoms but these are my main problems that limit me to what and where i can go and it all seems to happen after i have had to use recall or been visually stimulated (e.g shopping). Anyone out there suffer from similar sensory problems and have any ideas to alleviate them?.

Hi Ruthevans,

When I suffered my first recognised relapse I was like you, couldnt stand noise, anyone touching me, crowds, tv, radio and all sounds and light affected me in a bad way. I used to sit or lie on the couch with a hat over my head to shade my eyes and try stay quiet. I also suffered ON and ms hug, with right sided weakness - hence diagnosis.

I wasnt getting any help other than amytryptiline which helps calm the sense down. Noise is hard to handle, just try listening to soothing music until it calms down and try avoid crowds or tv as it irritates. I ordered some glasses with tinted lenses, Irlen type. Google it. I used the principal that because everything was extra bright something was making my vision take in too much hence flashing lights, weird halos etc. I got tested using overlays and then ordered my tints - any optician will do them now but find out which tint might help.

The only thing I can tell you is that your senses will calm down but as and when is anyone’s guess. Its dreadful and I felt like I wanted to lock myself in a silent room and never mix again. Mine went but the weird smells remain. Only every now and then. Only last night I kept smelling fruits, yet we have none in the house. Also used to smell strawberry jam, perfume or nasty disgusting smells, hard to describe.

Please seek help from gp regarding script and see optician - especially one specialising in irlen lenses. Failing that, get yourself some sunglasses - try all of them on because some go through brown spectrum and others grey, so one might help whereas the other might make the situation worse.

Best wishes



thanks for your advice. i was offered medication by my consultant but at the moment i am holding back as i have a little boy i dont want to have any side effects from the tablets which may affect me so i have been doing a desensitize programme with my O.T however there is no real tried and tested programme. At the moment I have to keep exposing myself to different sensory stimulations over and over again for longer periods but this is a slow process. I have also been referred to a clinical psychologist but this could be many months before i get an appointment. I wear dark glasses (even in the rain!) and its been suggested i wear ear plugs but i think i will speak to my optician to see about the lenses you mention. the smell thing is weird as it can be from certain plates in a microwave to an everyday smell that i cannot get from ‘up my nose’