Lumber puncture

Hi everyone, So on Thursday I had my lumber puncture, up in London hospital they were brilliant! Ok it was a little uncomfortable but bearable. I was lucky enough not to receive a headache at all. A day or so later I seem to have a cold? I don’t know if this was just rubbish timing, or is this connected to having the procedure done? I guess im just a little worried and if anyone has experienced this either? Thankyou Amy X

Amy, following my lumbar puncture a few years ago I don’t recall any side effects at all. Suspect your cold is just that as half the country appear to have one … me included. I don’t feel ill just coughing and sneezing for England! Keep warm and look after yourself. xx

I was laid flat out after mine for about a day, every time I stood up I would go into a spin with the worst headache I’ve ever experienced. I did feel like I was coming down with something for a few days afterwards, but it was the first 24hrs that I found the worse.

its odd how everyone is affected differently isnt it! its nice to have other peoples experiences to talk about it to xx