Lumber puncture

Hi guys

I have had an appointment with a nuroligist who tells me that he thinks that I have ms and needs a limber puncture to decide what type of drugs he will put me on. He gave me the choice to have the Lumber puncture done as an out patient which I accepted, what I need to know is can I drive to the hospital and would still be fine to drive home.


Ah, this is one of those ‘everyone’s different’ questions. I would say you’d be fine to drive to the hospital, but take the advice very seriously about staying flat out for a bit afterwards, and drink lots of coffee/coke/something with caffeine in… they don’t tell you that for fun! The actual procedure wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I feared, when I had to have mine done -I had panicked for weeks about it, but realised that it was the only way I was going to get a proper diagnosis, so agreed to it. A lift home may be a good thing to arrange, though… save you having to to worry about driving home. Or you might be fine… hope so! Overkill in arrangements is better than being stuck…


Thanks for the reply, I’m afraid I don’t have anyone but myself I was just worried because the hospital is quite a bit away and the car park charges.



Oh dear! Taxi, then? Worth it not to have to worry about getting home if you don’t feel up to it… may cost a few quid, but the lack of worrying makes up for it in my book. I appreciate it might not in yours, though…

Perhaps see if the hospital has a transport scheme or list of voluntary organisations that offer transport for hospital appointments. Look at things in a different perspective, what happens if you are not fit to drive home or get so far and taken ill which resulted in you crashing or injuring someone else.Not worth the worry.

Taxi it is