Can you drive straight after a lumber puncture any one

I don’t think there’s any law against it, but I wouldn’t have thought it’s a very good idea.

I’m a stranger to both driving and lumbar punctures, but some people have felt quite ill afterwards. It’s not as common as it used to be, but there’s a chance. If you were unlucky, how would you get home afterwards?


I was contemplating the train after mine. Glad I organised a lift because I could barely stand up with my headache. Seem people are absolutely fine though so you may be ok but in my experience I have a back up plan just in case.

I had mine during a week in hospital and was mid relapse, but even if I had been fit I don’t think I would have been safe to drive due to the headache.

You could be fine, but you won’t know that until it’s too late. I’d try and arrange someone to drive you.

Good luck with the lp. The thinking about it before hand was definitely worse that the actuality.

I dont think it is a good idea driving straight after a Lumbar Puncture as there is that risk of an awful headache. I was advised to lie flat for at least 6 hours, this wasnt too bad for me as I was an in-patient in hospital, but it is best that you lie down for a while afterwards and maybe have some caffeine (I had a can of coke!). I had severe headache, vomitting and backpain after mine and was kept in hospital for another week , but this only happens to 10% of those who have a LP unfortunately I fell within that percentile! All the best and Good Luck!

Ash x

When I went in for mine I was advised not to drive for at least 2 hours after - I couldn’t have driven if I had tried as many people on here know my lumber puncture was a disaster due to a spine problem I have so made it tricky for them to do the procedure. I didn’t get the headache though but it’s uncomfortable after especially to sit up straight and concentrate on the other nutty road users. I would advise seeing if there’s anyone else that can take you there or get the train - just in case - better to be safe than sorry