Hello 👋new to group

Hi I am new to group. I haven’t been formally diagnosed as having ms yet as I have to have further tests, additional mri scan as only had part mri scan so far which has indicated at least one significant lesion, I also have to have lumber puncture.
Probably no surprise but I have so many questions……
I get what I understand is spasticity which starts in my hands, spreads up my arms. It has only affected my legs when I have been in shower I no longer shower normally :roll_eyes: anymore. My eyes are fine no double vision. I was initially pure on duloxetine, but meds now changed to gabapentin.
So my questions, I was revered by GP to nhs neurologist but because been waiting so long for appointment I took decision to go private initially hence getting an initial potential diagnosis of ms subject to further tests, now been referred by to NHS as I just can’t afford to go private for further tests. How long could I be waiting for this if GP has done urgent referral? What is the probability if it is ms that because it affects my arms I may not be able to drive? Even though I have never had any episode as I call them when driving! If I feel a little off, I just don’t drive until I feel brighter if that makes sense. Being that I am aged 55, if this is ms I have read that getting it later in life could mean that the progression may be slower, is that true? Has anyone had lumber puncture and is it as bad as I fear?
Thanks in advance

The Barts guide is worth reading about LP, particularly the bit about getting the right needle.

Your Lumbar Puncture at The Royal London Hospital (clinicspeak.com)

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Thanks have read get your point regarding the needle will definitely ask this on the day! After you have rested for a hour can you drive yourself home?

Thank you will have a read

For me, the LP was no problem. But I did take it easy the day after. If possible I would ask somebody to drive you home though

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Thank you I did think I might not be able to drive home but thank you for confirming

Hopefully, the procedure goes well and you are fine, but it might not, so probably best to arrange for another driver.

I had a lumbar puncture carried out yesterday and honestly it’s ok, they use plenty of local anaesthetic so you only really feel a slight pressure. Best of luck and please try not to worry about it.