lumber puncture on the 30th an soso nervous

my symptoms feel much better or I think I maybe learning to ignore them better, my update is still have mild buzzing in my left foot and left arm, various degrees of numbness, especially in middle fingers in left hand. blurring has stopped although my eysight in my right eye has got worse and now on stronger lenses (5th increase in lenses in about 18th months). also my tinitus has got worse too, so just waiting to see ENT consultant. coming off my Warfarin 5 days before and going on other meds via injection before LP on the 30th. Lying flat is going to be the hardest as I have spondylitis in the base and neck of my spine which leaves me unable to lie flat for more that 5 or ten minutes, so I am hoping they will let me have a cushion to put under my knees. I will be taking the coke though. does anybody know if its like having an epidural in the spine? thanks , Catherine

hi catherine

yes it is like an epidural.

some places have upright scanners which would probably be better for you

good luck

carole x

HiIt’s normal to be nervous I was but the procedure is actually not too bad but certainly get a cushion for under your legs if it will help you lie flat and drink lots of caffeine based drinks coke or coffee as you don’t want a spinal headache.Good luck and let us know how you go on cheryl :slight_smile:

Bless you Cathrine,

I know how you feel I had my LP done 10 days ago. I was so scared it was a joke but it all proved to be pointless. I made sure I dran LOTS of water and stayed really hydrated, this helped I think. I took it easy after the procedure and the following few days, I was totally 100% fine.

You will be ok, just listen to the nurses and they will guide you through it all, Best of luck to you, let us know how you go Xx

thanks for all of your help and best wish’s. I will keep you informed, Catherine xx

I posted to someone the other day about tips for the lumbar puncture but can’t remember which post it’s on. Take in a 2 litre bottle of coke (full fat coke not diet) make sure that you’ve made the coke a little flatter by taking some of the fizz out beforehand. Also take in a bendy straw. After the procedure lie flat on your back for at least an hour, if the hospital bed tilts then they may tilt you so that you are flat on your back and your legs are slightly higher than your head. Drink as much of the bottle of coke as possible (helpful if someone is there because they can help tilt the bottle and straw for you). My neurologist recommended this all to me before the procedure - I did exactly as he said and had no lumbar headache!