Lumbar Puncture Experience

Hi All

So i had my first lumbar puncture yesterday and I seem to fall into the small category where it was a very unpleasant experience. The doc (a Neuro surgeon) explained the procedure and most of it was exactly how i read about it to be. He did say that when the needle is in the correct area within the spine that I will experience sciatica like pain. maybe it didn’t research it enough but i had not read anything online nor in the pamphlet that was sent to me mentioning this.

I had 1 x Lorapine before the procedure but i think i was just too anxious for that to take an effect! The anaesthetic injections were fine and initially the big needle was fine - until he found the ‘correct area’ and kept moving the needle waiting for some fluid to come up. All the time i was in agony. in the end i had to ask him to stop as it was just too bad. i had a 15/20 min rest and another Lorapine then we tried it again in a seated position but with the same effects. :frowning:

I now have to go back in a couple of weeks to do the procedure via x-rays ------- really not looking forward to it at all!

on the plus point though - 2 x Lorapine gave me a mega 16 hour uninterrupted sleep! I feel AMAZING today! :smiley:


Im sorry you had such a rubbish time with it, my LP wasnt sore, but they poked me about 20 times trying to find the sweet spot. erghhh. can you ask for some stronger medication for the next one? hopefully if they see what they are doing they can avoid hurting you too much.

am i right in saying you only need to do the LP once and never again. if thats true, hold onto that. maybe someone on here could confirm.

Keep on trucking,

ruth x

Blimey, that sounds like a dreadful experience. Usually people don’t have more than one LP. That was enough for me, and I didn’t find it an easy experience at all.

I do hope your next experience is better.

Well done on seeing a silver lining. It sounds like Lorapine is a fabulous drug! I’m glad you enjoyed the sleep.